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Best of Chico: Editors' picks - Best Mexican take on meat and taters

Chico News & Review - 10/13/11

French fries in a burrito? Say what? If you're not from the southern part of the state, that's probably your first reaction when you read the ingredients that Sol Mexican Grill tucks into its generously sized So-Cal burrito ($6.25). These crispy potato morsels aren't the frozen fast-food variety either; they're house-made fries, skin-on and delicious.

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Sunny on the north side - Sol Mexican Grill passes the San Diego test

Chico News & Review - 9/15/11

Last week I was exposed to an excellent choice: Sol Mexican Grill. I say "exposed" because it was recommended, and had I stumbled across it myself I might've kept on stumbling. You see, in my old 'hood, the best taco shops tend to be earthy places where businessmen cram into greasy booths across from vagrants, and come 2 a.m. the banda music is bumping and the place is packed. Sol, by contrast, is located in a nice, stone-faced commercial building on The Esplanade north of Eaton Road.

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Starving Student: At Sol, it's what's inside that counts

ChicoER - 8/29/11

The burrito was more than filling, though; it was lunch and dinner rolled into one massive flour tortilla. And best of all, Sol doesn't skimp on the shrimp. There's none of that sliced-in-half stuff in this burrito; shrimp here is large and whole.

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